Little Crochet Monkey PDF Amigurumi Free Pattern (2)

I think the most important factor when making a monkey amigurumi is to have a realistic look. However, another feature is that it is generally preferred to be large. However, the crochet monkey amigurumi pattern that we will share today is quite small. However, you will encounter a slightly different crochet amigurumi pattern than what you see in the picture. You will understand better what I mean when you download the PDF pattern. In addition, the piece on which the amigurumi sits and the crocheted banana are unfortunately not included in the pattern. The Monkey amigurumi you see in the picture was made by a different person. I have shared this picture so that it can be a good example for you. I hope nothing misleading has happened.

I want to continue sharing such posts. In this way, you can create much more informative and cute amigurumi patterns. I will also start sharing banana and other fruit crochet patterns in the future. Now you can get started right away by downloading the PDF pattern.

Designer: scandistyle_dolls

– Yarn: Vita Brillant
– Crochet hook 1.5 or 1.75mm
– Toy filler
– Plastic eyes size: 3mm and glue
– Needle, scissors