Easy Crochet Mouse Jonki PDF Amigurumi Pattern (2)

Hello my dears, today I will share a very cute and tiny monkey amigurumi. In the monkey’s hand, there is something that I do not fully understand what it is. I don’t remember exactly whether this piece was included in the pattern or not. I’ll make corrections after reviewing the pattern. Amigurumi monkey has a very tiny structure and I think it deserves to be used as a key chain. It has a very cute texture. In addition, although the structure of his eyes is quite delicate, I think it can be used as a key chain because it still has a very stylish appearance.

White color is preferred on the inside of the ears of the Amigurumi monkey toy. It seems to match the color quite well. In addition, the same color was chosen in the belly of the monkey. This resulted in a very harmonious character.

Designer: SNCxCreations

– 4 ply acrylic yarn – High Bulk – in cream, brown, and yellow
– F hook
– Tapestry needle
– Safety eyes [10mm]
– Fiberfill stuffing