Begginer Little Crochet Monkey Amigurumi PDF Pattern (2)

It’s been quite some time since I’ve seen a simple monkey amigurumi pattern. Monkey amigurumi patterns have been designed in an extremely difficult way lately, for a reason I don’t understand. Today, by a sweet coincidence, I came across a monkey amigurumi pattern that you can see in the picture, which is very easy to make. Amigurumi is actually very simple. You can even use it as a keychain if you wish. However, do not forget that the size of the rope and hook you use greatly affects the size of the amigurumi. You should be careful to use similar materials. I think the cutest part of the Amigurumi monkey is its ears and face.

A small smile formed on his face. Although it is made very simply, it looks pretty cute because it is done naturally, doesn’t it? You can start making monkey amigurumi right away by downloading the PDF pattern.

Designer: thesecretcraftbook

– 2.75mm hook
– DK acrylic or cotton yarn in 2 colours:
– Light brown
– Beige
– 1 stitch marker
– Black embroidery thread (for eyes)
– Tapestry needle
– Fiber-fill stuffing