Mr. Mouse Amigurumi Crochet PDF Free Pattern (2)

Friends, today I will share a very difficult mouse amigurumi pattern. Actually, the fact that it is difficult has nothing to do with the fact that the amigurumi toy has a very different design. Although similar and basic crochet techniques are used, the mouse amigurumi toy has a very realistic structure. Creating this structure seems to be quite difficult. Also, my dear friends, there is one more thing you must not forget. When you make the amigurumi toy this way, it will not have a fixed shape. So if you’re not using it for decoration, it’s hard to keep it that way all the time.

The head of the Amigurumi toy has a very realistic design. Her cheeks and red nose are so cute, isn’t it? In addition, even the folds that form on his cheeks when he smiles are included in the design. Now you can get started right away by downloading the pdf pattern.

Designer: Megan Kreiner

– G/6 (4mm) crochet hook
– Metal tapestry needle
– 3” squares of felt in white and black
– Fabric glue
– Stuffing
– Scissors