Cute White Mouse Amigurumi PDF Pattern (2)

Hello my dears, I haven’t shared a mouse amigurumi pattern for a long time. A few mouse amigurumi patterns that I shared before were also a very difficult design. These designs, which are at the advanced level, do not attract the attention of many crochet lovers. I think that amigurumi toys that can be made in a short time attract more attention. The mouse amigurumi pattern you see is just one of them. Although this mouse amigurumi, which was made using white color, does not look very realistic, I think it has a structure that can be used as a toy because it resembles a mouse.

The amigurumi mouse looks like it was designed as a doll. Because the arms and legs of the mouse amigurumi toy look just like the arms and legs of a doll. However, it still looks pretty cute for a beginner toy.

Designer: Uljana Semikrasa

– Cotton dmc petra3 in white with a small amount of pink for the nose with a 1.5 hook
– Soft pastels were used to provide the colour on the ears and face. Eyes are made using black thread.