Tiny Micro Crochet Bunny PDF Amigurumi Pattern (2)

Although I have shared different amigurumi bunny patterns, today I think I will share the smallest bunny amigurumi pattern. Even though I’ve been trying to share amigurumi patterns lately, I can’t find much time, but I will try to post on a daily basis soon. In this way, you will have a much larger amigurumi archive. All crochet free amigurumi patterns on our site are free and available for download. Talking about the Amigurumi bunny, it has a tiny pink nose and the inside of its ears are decorated with pink color. This is quite difficult because the bunny’s ears are quite small.

The only disproportionate part of the Amigurumi bunny is its legs. Legs this big might not look good on a big amigurumi toy, but they look really nice on such a small crochet bunny.

Designer: nansyoops

Yarn Iris by Gamma (cream), hook
0.75, sintepon, thread (pink, black),
needles, scissors