T Rex Dinosaur Joe Amigurumi PDF Pattern (2)

Hello my dears, I try to share different amigurumi patterns whenever I have time. The amigurumi pattern that I will share today is an extremely easy dinosaur amigurumi. When you take a look at the design, you can easily understand that the dinosaur amigurumi has a simple structure. However, the fact that it is easy does not mean that the amigurumi toy is not stylish. I think it is a very cute and flashy toy. Also, I think it was designed in the shape of a knight. We see that the dinosaur amigurumi has a tiny shield and a short sword.

Amigurumi dinosaur’s body is made straight and has rather short and thick legs. On the back, you can see that it has a similarly thick tail. In this way, the amigurumi toy can easily stand in a sitting position.

Designer: Tiffanie Clement

– Nr° 2.5 crochet hook
– Teddy Bear Stuffing
– 2 eyes (Black Prym color snaps) and superglue
– 1 x Yellow yarn (50g) Annell Rapido [3214]