Plush Bunny Toy Ivi Amigurumi PDF Free Pattern (1)

Hello my dears, today I want to share an amazing bunny amigurumi pattern. This bunny toy, which has a very cute and nice dress, is also very easy to make. In addition, with the right colors you choose, you can have a magnificent crochet bunny as you can see in the picture. In fact, you can find many similar amigurumi toys on platforms such as etsy for a fee. But this amazing amigurumi toy pattern is completely free.

What do you think about the ears of the amigurumi toy? I think if you are going to use plush amigurumi toys as decorative, choosing big ears is the right option. Now if you’re ready, let’s get started.


• Plush yarn (100gr/120mt/131yds). I use Vizell Baby Smile
– N°022 for the toy’s body
– N°002 for the dress
• Crochet hooks 3.5 and 4 mm
• Cotton yarn YarnArt Jeans
– N°07, 53, 62 – for shaping and detailing the muzzle.