Moli Crochet Monkey Amigurumi PDF Pattern (3)

Today, for the first time, I am happy to share a monkey amigurumi pattern. The crochet monkey pattern that I will share today is made quite simply. That’s why almost anyone can easily make this crochet monkey.

Although the parts of the monkey amigurumi are made separately, you do not need to fill in some parts tightly. But you need to tightly fill the body and trunk of the crochet monkey. I think it will be much more useful this way. However, his arms and legs seem to be quite long. Maybe a little shorter would be better.

On the face of the monkey amigurumi, a white piece has been added. This makes her face look much cuter. A smiling face expression was created by making a mouth and nose with a simple operation. Now you can start making amigurumi by downloading the pdf file.

Moli Crochet Monkey Amigurumi PDF Pattern (1)

Designer: naeni_unepelotedelaine

– needle
Yarn or cotton for a hook size 3mm
Hook size 3mm
Polyester fill
Size: 30cm (depending on yarn/hook)