Cuddly The Bear Amigurumi Free PDF Pattern (2)

Hello my dears, today we are adding a new one to the teddy bear amigurumi patterns. In fact, the original pattern of the amigurumi toy does not have the shorts pattern you see in the picture. However, you can add these shorts with a few simple operations. Actually, I wanted to talk about the general lines of amigurumi, but I think it would be much more accurate if I talked about how shorts are made.

This is actually a bit of my guess. Different colors were used to design shorts from half of the legs of the amigurumi to the navel area of the body. Double layers are used at the end points of the shorts, thus creating an impression as if the teddy bear wore the shorts afterwards. Amigurumi toy is very easy and stylish in my opinion. Now if you are ready you can download the pdf pattern and get to work.

Designer: Teresa Alvarez

– Yarn: purple, orange, green.
– Two black eyes.
– A nose.
– Stuffing.
– Tapestry needle.