Crochet Miffy Bunny in Dress Amigurumi Pattern (2)

Hello friends, today I come with a new and very easy crochet miffy bunny pattern for you. In fact, it is so easy that you can evaluate your increased ropes. You also know that white yarn is usually used in the Crochet miffy bunny amigurumi pattern. However, purple color is used for the whole body in the crochet miffy bunny amigurumi pattern that I am sharing now. But if you have leftover yarn or another color you want to prefer, you can definitely use it. At the same time, you can choose any color you want for the dress of the amigurumi crochet miffy bunny pattern.

You can take off the dress of the Amigurumi crochet miffy bunny pattern whenever you want, and you can wear it whenever you want. It is a remarkable detail that Miffy bunny amigurumi pattern is attached to the middle of her dress with a white ribbon. We see that black yarn is used in the construction of the eyes and mouth. The sizes of the crochet miffy bunny amigurumi pattern are also quite ideal and preferable. I think you will want to try the crochet amigurumi miffy bunny pattern, which I think you like a lot. You can download it as a free pdf.


– Yarn
– Crochet hook
– Fiberfill stuffing
– Yarn needle
– Scissors
– Pin
– Glue