Crochet Cute Bull Amigurumi PDF Pattern (2)

I would like to share a bull amigurumi pattern that attracts attention especially as a design. This cute bull amigurumi, whose muzzle is quite large, has a white horn and tail. This gorgeous crochet bull pattern, designed using the attention-grabbing color of red, is completely free. You can download the crochet bull pattern now by clicking the link below. The ears and eyes of the bull amigurumi also look very nice. Also, the amigurumi bull has a tiny bell on its neck.

I think it is very smart to add such tiny accessories to your amigurumi toy because it makes the amigurumi toy look much more remarkable. Safety eyes are used in the eyes of the amigurumi. This is a very popular option lately. Now if you are ready, let’s get started and make this cute amigurumi bull together.

Designer: eugenyeva

– Crochet markers;
– Fiberfill (hollow fiber);
– Hooks № 2.5 and № 2;
– Sewing pins;
– Tapestry needle for sewing details;
– Scissors