Crochet Calf PDF Amigurumi Free Pattern (2)

Friends, today I will share a very cute and very easy calf amigurumi pattern. Actually, many of our followers expect me to share one of the bull or cow amigurumi patterns, but it is really difficult to find a free cow or bull amigurumi pattern. I have to say that this is what I can do for now, as it is among the very few designed crochet animals. The crochet pattern that I will share today is quite easy and is a kind of amigurumi toy pattern that can make especially beginner friends happy.

When making amigurumi, two different colors are used, or rather, the designer’s choice was in this direction. If you wish, you can get many different amigurumi toys by using different colors.

Designer: Shelby Johnsen

● Any worsted weight yarn in
Light brown (A)
cream/white (B)
● Large safety eyes
● US hook