Crochet Blanket Deer Amigurumi PDF Pattern (2)

I will share a small blanket pattern combined with a cute deer amigurumi. Such dolls seem to be a very good choice as a sleeping companion, especially for little babies. A sleep companion made with eye-catching colors can help your child fall asleep faster by attracting attention.

You can download Amigurumi as pdf. This will make your job much easier. If you wish, you can examine other crochet amigurumi patterns. Our posts about crochet deer patterns have just started. However, I will try to share more amigurumi patterns.

As for the amigurumi deer, it has a very nice design. However, if you have not made a blanket before, you should be a little careful. Because making amigurumi and making a blanket are very different. The head of the deer amigurumi will be a bit overwhelming. This amigurumi pattern is an advanced crochet pattern. Now if you’re ready, let’s get started.

Crochet Blanket Deer Amigurumi PDF Pattern (3)

Designer: vivir_vintage

3.5 Gauge light brown cotton yarn
3.5 Gauge yellow cotton yarn
3.5 Gauge Brown cotton yarn
Emboridery Thread
Fiberfill for stuffing
Stitch Marker
Embroidery needle