Bunny Fiona Crochet Amigurumi PDF Pattern (2)

The bunny amigurumi toy I will share today has quite large and symmetrical ears. Also, the head design of the amigurumi toy looks a little different from ordinary crocheted bunny designs, right? Frankly, it surprises me that this design style, which is closer to its real appearance, is not preferred. However, since simpler designs are used, especially in cartoons, the toys made generally resemble cartoons.

Velvet thread was used in the making of the amigurumi toy. If you use a thin rope, the amigurumi toy can have a really small size, in which case you can also use this toy as a keychain.

Designer: vintoniv_store

– Himalaya Dolphin Baby 80356 and 80303
– 3.5mm Crochet Hook
– Fiberfill
– Needle
– Black embroidery floss for eyes
– Pink floss for sewing tail, ears and head.