Amigurumi Blue Plush Bunny Sonie Free PDF Pattern (1)

Hello dear friends, today I would like to share a blue and very soft amigurumi toy pattern. The texture of the crochet bunny toy you see in the picture looks really nice. I recommend you pay attention to the rope used here. While making this amigurumi toy, which is quite simple in design, should be taken into consideration, I think the most important point is its large and curved ears. You need to create a symmetrical appearance when assembling the inward-curved ears on the amigurumi bunny’s head.

The bunny has tiny arms and looks very cute. The legs of the amigurumi toy are crocheted together with the body, and this seems to make your work much easier.

Designer: dashacrochetwithlove

– Yarn (of your choice, preferably plush and any color)
– Black and pink colored yarn
– Crochet hook 3.5mm
– Stitch marker
– Darning needle