Amigurumi Avocado Crochet Doll PDF Pattern (2)

Another amigurumi that I will share today is a cute avocado pattern. In fact, this pattern has become very popular. I don’t know who designed it in the first place, but you can find quite a lot of avocado patterns with similar characteristics. The pattern that I will share today is a very easy amigurumi. Although it may seem a little surprising that it is generally designed to resemble a bear, it seems to be very easy to make by analogy with an animal. Especially the core of the fruit resembles the belly of a cute teddy bear. In this way, it becomes even easier to design it in the form of an animal.

I also put this cute crochet avocado pattern in the category of other food patterns. I hope you like the amigurumi patterns. Please don’t forget to like and share me.

Designer: fayni_toys.eng

1. Yarn: Yarn Art Jeans11(light green), 71(brown), Alize Cotton Gold 372(green camouflage)
2. Crochet hook
3. Leftover of black
4. Black safety eyes(6mm)
5. Fiberfill
6. Scissors
7.Needle for embroidery and sewing pieces
8. Pinsfor attaching details