Amigurumi Avocado Crochet Doll PDF Free Pattern (2)

Hello my dears, I have shared the avocado amigurumi pattern free before. However, the avocado pattern I shared before was designed both as a key chain and was a very easy amigurumi toy compared to the crochet avocado pattern I will share today. Today’s crochet pattern is quite difficult. In fact, although it basically consists of two parts, you can create a whole by designing it in two parts due to the symmetrical structure of the avocado. In this way, when you combine the avocado, it will be a nice image. In fact, this amigurumi toy can be transformed into a very different form by using different connections.

Amigurumi avocado has very beautiful eyes and very cute cheeks. Avocado is made using two different colors. The core of the avocado, on the other hand, is designed independently from all of the amigurumi.

Designer: hilorizado

– Main threads for 2.00mm needle
– Eyes
– 2.0mm needle
– Wool needle
– Filling
– Point marker