Torchic Crochet Pokemon PDF Free Pattern (2)

Hello my sunshine, today is a new day and I am with you with a brand new pattern. Today I want to show you a beautiful pattern that I think you will like very much. Maybe you’ve heard of the Torchic crochet pokemon amigurumi pattern before, or even searched for it but couldn’t find it. That’s why today we will examine the Torchic crochet pokemon amigurumi pattern with you. In fact, we see that orange and yellow colors are used in the crochet amigurumi pattern, which is very easy to make.

Undoubtedly, the most striking detail in the Torchic crochet pokemon amigurumi pattern is the section on the top of the head, which we call the comb. This part, which resembles a half star, is made with yellow and orange colors. We see that plastic eyes are preferred for eyes. If you think plastic lock screw eyes may be harmful to small children, you can make eyes with a black yarn. If you want to try the Torchic crochet pokemon amigurumi pattern, which looks extremely sweet with its yellow beak and yellow feet, you can download our free pdf link.

Designer: Carolyn Lloyd

– Medium weight ORANGE yarn
– Medium weight YELLOW yarn
– Medium weight LIGHT-YELLOW
– 10mm black plastic eyes (painted felt or carefully sewn black yarn can be substituted to reduce choking hazard for young children)
– 4mm Crochet hook
– Yarn needle
– Stuffing