Little Alien Crochet Doll Free Amigurumi Pattern (2)

I shared different examples of alien amigurumi toys with you, my dear followers, but the amigurumi toy that I will share today seems to have a much easier design. The biggest detail that makes the Amigurumi toy different is its eyes. Recently, such eye designs are preferred a lot in crochet toys and we follow this trend closely. So what do you think about the color of the ears of the amigurumi toy? I think it is a nice detail that the color of the eyes of the toy is in harmony with the color of its ears.

However, the type of yarn used also affects the appearance of the amigurumi toy. I think a different blue color was used. Anyway, without further ado, I am sharing the pattern of the amigurumi toy.

Designer: giu.croc

– Yarnart Jeans
– Crochet hook
– Scissors
– Emboridery needle