Crochet Plush Betty Butterfly Amigurumi Free Pattern (1)

Hello friends, today I want to share a very cute butterfly amigurumi pattern. The color selection of this crochet butterfly toy, made using velvet thread, looks truly magnificent. The use of shades of pink color that are very close to each other is an indication that this is a girl’s toy. In addition, girls generally prefer these types of toys. For boys, amigurumi toys such as bears, dogs and bunnies are more preferred.

Although the amigurumi toy has a simple design, it has a soft texture and eye-catching eyes. I have started to encounter such designs a lot lately when using safety eyes. You can also try this design on the toys you make.

Designer: doubledutchcrochetco

– 3 Color Plush Yarn
– 5.5mm Crochet Hook
– Darning needle
– Scissors
– Fabric pins
– Stitch Marker