Crochet Jigglypuff Pokemon Amigurumi PDF Pattern (2)

Hello my dears, how are you? I’m very good and today I want to share with you a pokemon character that I loved very much when I was little. I wish someone had gifted me a Jigglypuff Pokemon amigurumi crochet pattern when I was little, I would have been very happy. Jigglypuff pokemon, one of my favorite pokemon characters with its pink color, will also be a great gift for your children. Without making you wait too long, I would like to talk about Jigglypuff Pokemon amigurumi crochet pattern.

Undoubtedly, the most striking detail in the Jigglypuff Pokemon amigurumi crochet pattern is the blue eyes. These eyes are actually quite easy to make. A blue eye is made in the middle of the white edges. The mouth is made with a black yarn. In addition to her pink body, a triangle-shaped section has been added with black yarn inside her pink ears. We see that the tip of the pink tail is also made with black. The dimensions of this cute jigglypuff crochet amigurumi pattern are also quite sufficient. If you want to try this sweet amigurumi crochet pattern, the free pdf link is below.

Designer: NeedleHook921

– 5.5 mm Crochet Hook
– Vanna’s Choice Yarn—Pink (≈1 skein)
– Vanna’s Choice Yarn—Black (<1 skein)
– Vanna’s Choice Yarn—White (<1 skein)
– Red Heart Super Saver Economy Yarn—Real Teal (<1 skein)
– Poly-fil
– Yarn Needle