Crochet Donkey Carriage Amigurumi PDF Pattern (2)

I’m going to share one of the most difficult crochet patterns of the day. In fact, it contains not a single pattern, but more than one pattern. You can find all the pieces you see in the picture in the pattern. However, the most striking parts of the picture are the crochet donkey and the doll. Both have their own unique designs. Although they are very small, they are designed with almost all details. For example, you can look at the doll’s feet. A nice slipper design has been made. Although it looks simple, I have to admit that it is remarkable. Such small touches will make your amigurumi look more impressive.

As for the donkey amigurumi toy, I have to say it looks very tiny. Therefore, a few details have been skipped, but the basic parts have been designed almost completely.

Designer: marie-lize

– 2 mm hook
– Iron wire as thick as the wheel
– Thin cardboard, like from a box of frozen pizza, for the cart and the barrels
– Yarn: Annell Cotton 8