Crochet Corn PDF Free Pattern (2)

Hello my dears, how are you today? Did you miss me? Today I will share a wonderful free amigurumi pattern for you. I really think you will love it. You may be a little sore. Because you’ll want to eat these sweet corn amigurumis. They are so sweet that you will definitely want to try them right away. I think it’s a very original idea. Without further ado, I will briefly talk about the amigurumi crochet corn pattern.

You can make a great crochet corn amigurumi pattern using only yellow and green colors. Moreover, you can choose the facial expression you want. You can use 16 mm safety eyes for eyes. For the mouth, you can give the expression you want with black yarn. Don’t you think the corn amigurumi pattern, which is a green corn cob, looks very cute? If you want to try this sweet amigurumi crochet corn, the free pdf link is below.

Designer: melzcrochet

– Worsted weight (size approx. 6.25” tall)
– Hook 4.00mm
– 9mm safety eyes (x2)
– Parfait chunky (size approx. 9” tall)
– Hook 5.00mm
– 16mm safety eyes (x2)