Chirstmas Snowman Fredy Crochet PDF Free Pattern (2)

Hello friends, as the new year is approaching in full swing, I prepared a wonderful snowman Fredy crochet amigurumi pattern for you. You will love this crochet pattern and you will want to try it right away. I love Chirstmas patterns as much as you and I am very happy to share them. It’s so nice to bring the Christmas spirit into your homes. If you are looking for a beautiful crochet amigurumi pattern to add to your new year gifts, you should definitely check out the snowman Fredy crochet amigurumi.

The head, arms and body parts of this snowman Fredy crochet amigurumi pattern, which is ideally sized, consists entirely of cotton white thread. We see that black color is used on the feet and in the production of the buttons. In order to make the mouth and eyes, it was drawn with a needle using black thread. Orange color was used to give the nose the appearance of a carrot. Don’t you think the snowman crochet amigurumi pattern with its red scarf and red gloves looks very cute? Still, his most striking feature is undoubtedly his brown hat with deer antlers. Making eyes and nose on the hat creates a very attractive and beautiful image. It is also a very nice detail that this sweet hat can be removed and put on, while the long sides cover the ear parts. There’s no doubt that it would be a great gift choice for Christmas.

Designer: marizzatoys

– Crochet hook 1.6mm and 3mm
– Yarn
– Polyester fiberfill stuffing
– yarn needle
– Scissors
– Knob 3 pcs