BB-8 Crochet Star Wars Amigurumi PDF Pattern (2)

If you are a strict Star Wars follower, you must know the character of BB 8. Having an extremely stylish design, BB 8 should actually be in the easy-to-make amigurumi class. However, when you look at the amigurumi toy, we see that almost all the details are embroidered with crochet very carefully. This naturally complicates our work a bit. However, although it takes time to make such amigurumi toys, the result can be extremely impressive.

We know that BB 8 has a round body. His head can also stand on this body in a balanced way. This part is very cleverly designed. The external parts of the amigurumi’s body are included in the design with the help of orange color.

Designer: mspremiseconclusion


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