Plush Amigurumi Beginner Penguin PDF Crochet Pattern (2)

Hello my dears, we will crochet a plush penguin together. This penguin amigurumi, which is made using white with shades of gray, is made in a very simple way. It also has a beak, which is made very easily. A cute design was made using a yellow thread. The wings of the penguin toy are simple and designed in the form of an arm. As you already know, penguins are creatures that cannot fly but can swim extremely well. It actually looks more like a fin than a wing. The head and body of the amigurumi are designed as a single piece, and this is a very right choice. Because when you make the penguin in two different parts, it can move away from its real appearance.

Amigurumi’s feet are very similar to their arms, and I think they are designed exactly the same. We see that there is only a color difference. Now you can download the pdf pattern and start making this amigurumi toy right away.

Designer: mie.huynn

Hook size: 5mm
Chuky Yarn
Safety eyes
Stitch marker