Long Neck Crochet Dinosaur Amigurumi PDF Pattern (2)

Hello friends, I actually shared an amigurumi dinosaur pattern similar to the one in the picture before. However, since it has been a long time and the amigurumi toy you see is a brand new pattern, I wanted to share it right away. Also, the dinosaur amigurumi free pattern I shared before was a little more difficult to make. Now I am with you with an easier toy dinosaur. I think I don’t need to say that the toy is very stylish. The dinosaur amigurumi has a beautiful gold crown on its head. With the help of a red thread, the integrity of the crown is preserved.

While making amigurumi, a light pink color was preferred and the spots on it were made with red color. The amigurumi looks really pretty and I hope you like it.

Designer: Tiffanie Clement

– Nr° 3 crochet hook
– Teddy Bear Stuffing
– 2 eyes (Black Prym color snaps) and superglue
– 2 x pink yarn (50g) Annell Rapido [3232]