Crochet buckwheat doll Free PDF Pattern (2)

Hello my dears, today I will share with you a wonderful amigurumi pattern that I think you will like very much. You will love this pattern, which is very popular in Korea. In the Crochet buckwheat doll amigurumi pattern, we see that light yellow color is preferred to make its hat and body. In the real buckwheat doll amigurumi pattern, this color is a slightly lighter tone. A color between light cream and brown. If you want, you can choose such a color tone. Apart from its colors, our crochet amigurumi pattern is a very close example with its dimensions.

We see that an innocent expression is made on the face of our amigurumi crochet buckwheat doll pattern. Hair was added with brown thread to the pattern that made eyes by cutting black felt. We see that the head, body and ears are designed in the same color. Black yarn was also used to make the mouth. You probably had a hard time finding the Crochet buckwheat doll amigurumi pattern. So I think you will be very happy to share it. If you want to try it now, you can download it as a free pdf from the link below. Stay with love.

Designer: amiguetes

– Cotton yarn 12 ply
– Crochet hook 3mm
– Fiberfill stuffing
– Yarn needle
– Scissors
– Pin
– Glue