Beginner Little Crochet Deer Amigurumi PDF Pattern (2)

Autumn and winter months are now approaching. We started to see changes in Amigurumi designs as well. Today I will share a deer amigurumi pattern that you can prefer in winter. As you know, this cute deer amigurumi pattern in the size of a keychain is completely free. You can easily download it in PDF format. To talk a little bit about the Amigurumi deer, it has tiny brown antlers. However, the details are masterfully incorporated into the design without neglecting it.

Amigurumi is basically made using three different colors. The primary colors are white and green. Horns and hand toe tips are made using brown color. We see that safety eyes are used in their eyes. A very nice color transition has been applied on the face of the amigurumi deer. I missed the fact that the nose part is black.

Designer: Junuen Lisunia

– Green yarn, White yarn, Brown yarn,
– Crochet hook
– Black button eyes
– Stuffing, Crochet needle, sewing needle
– Thread, scissors