Amigurumi Platypus Crochet PDF Free Pattern (2)

You may not have encountered or know the platypus before. Because this animal, whose habitat is very limited, is actually very similar to a duck, but of course it is not a duck. 🙂 When I first saw the amigurumi toy, I thought I found a great crochet duck amigurumi pattern for my followers, but when I read its name, I was frankly a little surprised. I had never encountered an amigurumi toy made in the shape of a platypus before. The platypus is a very interesting animal indeed. It can do almost all the work with its beak part.

The beak part of the Amigurumi toy actually looks a little small, but it is also quite clear that it has a distinctive structure. The other parts of the amigurumi platypus are very similar to the standard amigurumi toy designs. I think many of our friends will liken it to a duck like me.

Designer: moogleymog

4mm crochet hook
DK yarn in 2 colours (example uses DK cotton yarn)
2 x 8mm safety eyes, black
Polyester toy stuffing
Darning needle
Berry pins